2021 Hyundai Sonata vs 2021 Toyota Camry

2021 Hyundai Sonata vs 2021 Toyota Camry in Manchester CT

While searching for a new sedan, you’ll likely be looking for an option that provides you with a comfortable and efficient ride. Two sedans that will deliver this type of high-quality drive are the Hyundai Sonata and Toyota Camry. Both vehicles combine technology and engineering to provide a luxurious ride for Vernon, Manchester, and Hartford, CT, drivers.

Which is better? Our team at Key Hyundai of Manchester will help you answer that question in this 2021 Hyundai Sonata vs. 2021 Toyota Camry comparison.

Hyundai Sonata Engine Specs

Sonata vs Camry: Efficiency

The Hyundai Sonata and Toyota Camry will both provide you with an efficient ride. They’re able to provide this, thanks to their impressive transmission setups. In both powertrains you’ll find an 8-speed automatic transmission.

However, the Sonata comes with an added feature that will improve your efficiency and cut down on fuel consumption. This is the Idle Stop & Go feature.

This will automatically turn the engine of the sedan off when coming to a sustained stop. In doing this you’ll reduce fuel burned while remaining idle—say, at a red light. Then, the engine will automatically turn back on when you’re ready to go. This system isn’t present in the Camry.

Hyundai Sonata Interior Space

Sonata vs Camry: Interior

You’ll also want to learn more about the interior of these two sedans, as you’ll want to ensure that you’re riding comfortably to your destination. The interior dimensions will lay the groundwork for this desired comfort.

The Camry is designed with 100.4 cubic feet of passenger volume and 15.1 cubic feet of cargo volume. Similarly, the Sonata features 104.4 cubic feet of passenger volume and 16.0 cubic feet of cargo volume. So, while both vehicles can seat up to five, the Sonata will provide you with more space.



40.0 inches

Headroom (front)

38.3 inches

46.1 inches

Legroom (front)

42.1 inches

57.9 inches

Shoulder room (front)

57.7 inches

In addition to available space, you’ll want to make note of the interior technology you have at your disposal in these sedans. Both come equipped with impressive multimedia systems that have Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ functionalities. However, the Sonata has a bigger screen, which will make it easier to interface with. The Sonata screen measures in at 8-inch compared to a 7-inch screen in the Camry.

Hyundai Sonata Safety

Sonata vs Camry: Safety

In order to enjoy the comfortable ride, you’re sure to receive in either the Camry or Sonata, you’ll also need the peace of mind knowing you’re safer within these vehicles’ walls. Fortunately, both sedans feature numerous safety features in order to help keep you secure.

Aside from the essentials, such as seatbelts and airbags, these impressive sedans also come with a number of innovative driver assistive technologies. These will serve almost as a second set of eyes able to detect and react to external conditions in order to make your drive easier. Both the Camry and Sonata feature:

  • Forward Collision Detection System
  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Lane Keeping System
  • Smart Cruise Control
  • High Beam Assist

The Sonata does come with an additional safety feature that proves important, though. The Rear Occupant Alert system can detect by sensing movement if someone or something has been left in the back seat after the vehicle is shut off. This system is not featured in the Camry.

Sonata vs Camry in Manchester, CT: Which Is for You?

Now that you’ve learned more about these sedans from this 2021 Hyundai Sonata vs. 2021 Toyota Camry comparison, it’s clear that both are great options. Although, our team at Key Hyundai of Manchester believes that the Sonata is the better option. The Sonata will arm drivers around Vernon, Manchester, and Hartford, Connecticut, with a highly efficient and effective ride.

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